Colloidal Minerals Demystified

Colloidal minerals are suspended nanoparticles in a liquid, allowing for enhanced absorption by the body. Our products harness the power of Colloidal Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper, and Iron—each with unique properties contributing to holistic well-being.

A microscopic view of a human brain neuron colorized
A microscopic image of healthy red blood cells colorized
A microscopic cross-section of healthy human skin cells colorized
A microscopic view of rod shaped bacteria colorized

Key Benefits

  • Colloidal Silver: Renowned for its antimicrobial properties, supporting immune health.
  • Colloidal Gold: Potential benefits for cognitive function and overall mental well-being.
  • Colloidal Zinc: Essential for immune function, wound healing, and maintaining healthy skin.
  • Colloidal Copper: Aiding in collagen formation, supporting skin, and promoting overall vitality.
  • Colloidal Iron: Crucial for red blood cell formation, enhancing energy levels.
A detailed close up image of a drop of Nano colloidal liquid iron supplement
A graphic representation of colloidal liquid supplement nanoparticles
An erlenmeyer flask filled with Nano 24K Ruby Red Colloidal Gold natural liquid wellness supplement
A close up image of a drop of Nano colloidal copper liquid copper supplement dripping off a glass dropper

Research and Studies: Backed by Science

We take pride in our commitment to scientific rigor. Our Colloidal Minerals are not just natural; they are supported by relevant scientific studies that validate their efficacy. Explore the depth of research demonstrating the potential benefits of colloidal minerals in promoting health and vitality.

  • Nano 24K ruby red colloidal gold health and wellness supplement close up


    From targeted drug delivery and diagnostic imaging to photothermal therapy and immune modulation, colloidal gold is poised to revolutionize healthcare. As research progresses and clinical trials unfold, we can anticipate a future where colloidal gold plays an increasingly significant role in improving human health and well-being.

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  • Nano colloidal silver coated silver health and wellness supplement


    Silver nanoparticles hold immense promise as therapeutic agents for various medical applications. Their unique properties, including broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, wound healing potential, and drug delivery capabilities make them attractive candidates for innovative medical interventions. 

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  • Nano colloidal liquid iron supplement close up


    Colloidal iron is an emerging alternative to traditional oral iron supplements. Improved absorption, minimal side effects, and potential applications beyond anemia treatment make it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals seeking to optimize iron delivery and address various health conditions.

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  • Nano colloidal copper dietary supplement close up


    The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, wound-healing and skin-enhancing properties of Colloidal Copper make it a versatile substance with potential applications across a wide range of medical fields.

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  • Nano liquid zinc health and wellness supplement close up


    Colloidal zinc is an effective therapeutic agent for various medical conditions. Enhanced bioavailability, potential to modulate cellular processes, and anti-inflammatory properties are several potential benefits it offers when compared to traditional zinc supplements.

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  • Nano ultra pure  methylene blue liquid health supplement


    Low-dose Methylene Blue (MB) is rapidly emerging as a promising candidate for combating various age-related diseases. With a long history in medicine, this synthetic compound is an attractive option to many health and wellness minded consumers and experts alike for its powerful antioxidant properties, and ability to oxygenate cells in the body.

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