Immune+ Coated Colloidal Silver 500 PPM

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NANO Immune+ Coated Colloidal Silver may help with the following: 

  • Enhancing immune system support
  • Protecting against common pathogens
  • Healing wounds & overall skin health
  • Promoting a healthy gut microbiome
  • Eliminating harmful bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast, and viruses 

Pro-Tip: Try combining Immune+ with our Crystalline Colloidal Zinc for enhanced immune support. 


Immune+ Coated Colloidal Silver 500 PPM is an advanced, premium-grade liquid supplement featuring 500 parts per million of silver nanoparticles. This unique coated silver-based formula is designed to provide a powerful boost to your body’s natural defense system. Offering maximum bioavailability, Immune+ is a natural, quick, and effective way to stay healthy.

How to use

For internal use: Shake well before use. Use one full dropper (2ml) once daily. Increase dosage during times of compromised immunity as needed. 

For external use: Apply directly to the skin as needed to promote wound healing and skin health. 


Pharmaceutical Grade Distilled Water, 99.99% Pure Colloidal Silver

    100ml bottle of Nano 500 ppm Immune plus colloidal silver
    Nano colloidal silver coated silver health and wellness supplement
    Nano 500 ppm Immune plus colloidal silver is micro plastic free, organic, sugar free, and highly bioavailable
    The benefits of Nano 500 ppm Immune plus colloidal silver. Boosts the immune system. Protects against common pathogens. Accelerates wound healing. Eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses. Promotes a healthy gut microbiome. Non-reactive and controlled release
    Mixing a few drops of Nano colloidal silver into a glass of water
    • Plant Based

    • Gluten Free

    • Sugar Free

    • UV Protective Glass

    • Cruelty Free

    • Recyclable

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Dylan Thomas
    Improved immunity

    I've been taking this nano silver for about a few months now and I've been really impressed with the results. I used to get sick with every seasonal change, especially during the winter months. Since I started taking Nano Immune+ I haven't been sick once! I feel like my immune system is finally doing its job.

    Sandra Miller
    a must have

    Works great for a scratchy throat, coughs and colds

    Mary Mair

    Wonderful colloidals, I use their gold, silver and zinc regularly.

    Brady M.

    Our whole family swears by this supplement. Literally has kept us healthy when we're around people who have come down with the flu or whatever strain of cvid is going around now I lost track...

    Jacob Maxwell

    Good price and excellent quality formula for a 500ppm silver, will be returning when I need a refill